Symonds Yat

Symonds Yat



Ross-on-Wye – Monmouth (The Peregrine Trail) 13.6 miles / 21.8 km

This wonderful route takes in reasonably quiet country roads and a woodland trail and passes through some of the most beautiful countryside in the Wye Valley. There are three moderately steep points on the road route at Ross-on-Wye, Goodrich and Huntsham Hill but otherwise the going is fairly easy though it is not suitable for young children.

The Peregrine Trail, which is  maintained by Sustrans, runs along the old Ross to Monmouth railway line and has a compacted sand/gravel surface. The level route which begins at Symonds Yat East is suitable for small children and runs through woodland and farmland along the banks of the River Wye.

Leave Ross on the B4234 south. The route leading out of the town centre is steep and narrow and it may be advisable to walk until the road widens.

At the Prince of Wales take the left fork onto the Walford Road, which is not particularly busy but is used by large agricultural vehicles – so take care.

Through the hamlet of Coughton and the village of Walford to Kerne Bridge.

3.6 miles / 5.8 km

Turn right at Kerne Bridge and cross the River Wye onto the B4229. Past Flansford Priory on the right, up a moderately steep hill and under a stone viaduct arch to the summit. To visit the village of Goodrich and Goodrich castle turn right at the top of the hill and follow the signs, otherwise continue down hill and at the bottom turn left at the sign for Symonds Yat.

1.2 miles / 1.9 km

Cross the River Wye by Huntsham Bridge. This structure is single track so be careful of vehicles coming from the opposite direction. At the foot of Huntsham Hill turn right and continue down hill to Symonds Yat East.

1.8 miles / 2.9 km

The Peregrine Trail starts at Symonds Yat East by the pay and display car park of the Royal Lodge Hotel. The route will take you past the Wye rapids, The Biblins, through Lady Park Wood and onto Hadnock Court. The trail then joins Hadnock Road, a single-track lane, which leads to the outskirts of Monmouth. At the A4126 junction turn right and cross the Wye Bridge to enter Monmouth town centre via Wye Bridge Street.

This last section can become quite busy and it may safer to walk across the Wye bridge and use the subway under the A40 duel carriageway.

7 miles / 11.2 km



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